Truffle hunting -Truffle hunting -

Truffle hunting

Dive into a "trifulau" life for one day, walking trough woods to find the precious hypogeous fungus.

€ 60/person
2 HOURS 1/20 Person Sport

Mysterious and precious hypogeous fungus hunt

A mysterious and charming ingredient, a secret and complex craft: the connection between trifulau, the professional hunter, and his dog is very strong, based on respect and trust, that originates through years of experience. Few people can live this hunting moment in first person, considering the secret nature of the truffle. In fact, trifulau use to walk alone, sometimes by night, away from prying eyes. Truffle is an exclusive good, that grew only in determinated areas, in specific habitat and never sure... So it is comprehensible the will to keep hidden the places in which the truffle is present! Isn't it? No, for two reasons: first because we believe the only way to deeply understand unicity and quality of our truffles is to see us at work. Second, because we will reveal you little secrets... but not everything ;-) Although it is an effective hunting with a professional trifulau and his loved "tabui" (the dog), this experience is simulated. That means that some of the truffle are previously hidden by the trifulau, to demonstrate how the hunting works. However, considering the research is leading in a natural "tartufaia" (truffle bed), it is possible that will be found also truffles not artificially buried, but spontaneously grown!

What is included?

Walk in the wood

Boot and cape for most humid days

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Bell’esperienza con il cane da tartufo! Raccomando fortemente quest’agenzia anche per altre esperienze turistiche!
alberto lavelli
alberto lavelli
Giulia Magliano
Giulia Magliano
Luca C
Luca C
Alessandro Pignatta
Alessandro Pignatta
Un'esperienza davvero unica. Il giro in e-bike tra i colli è stato uno spaccato affascinante e che rivivrei domani stesso, così come la caccia al tartufo! Quello che mi ha colpito è senza ombra di dubbio la cura nei particolari e l'attenzione al cliente durante tutta l'esperienza. Non posso far altro che dare 5 stelle! Lo rifarei? Assolutamente si
Pasquale Caiazzo
Pasquale Caiazzo

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